June 23, 2023

The Best in the West: Leeuwin Coast named 2023 National Finalist at Australia’s Most Prestigious Food Awards

Leeuwin Coast, the seafood brand of Harvest Road Group, has been recognised as a WA State Finalist in the 2023 delicious. Harvey Norman Produce Awards

Leeuwin Coast entered the From the Sea produce category that celebrates Australia’s best primary seafood producers, as determined by expert national judges.

National Finalists will now proceed to national judging. Leeuwin Coast is representing Western Australia in the From the Sea category. 

Now in its 18th year, the annual Awards have been at the forefront of recognising the unsung heroes behind the nation’s top chefs and restaurateurs –Australia’s finest producers – and educating readers and consumers about whyit’s so important to know your producer.

Leeuwin Coast Akoya won the outstanding innovation prize at the 2022 delicious. Harvey Norman Produce Awards.

Harvest Road Group chief executive officer Paul Slaughter said it was an honour to represent Western Australia in the From the Sea category.

“WA has more than 10,000kmof coastline, more than any other State or Territory in Australia, so when it comes to seafood in this vast state we know we are up against other high-quality seafood products,” he said.

“We are very proud of our produce at Leeuwin Coast and equally thrilled to be representing Western Australia at the pre-eminent Australian Food Awards. 

“We love the fact we have a completely new shellfish in the Akoya to share with our customers, it is unlike any other shellfish and our investment in innovative growing techniques has brought this to market on a commercial scale for the first time.”

Traditionally grown from pearls, Leeuwin Coast’s innovative aquaculture techniques have turned the Akoya into a delicacy in its own right. 

Chef Melissa Palinkas nominated Leeuwin Coast’s seafood products for the 2023 delicious. Harvey Norman Produce Awards, saying their carbon neutral credentials were coveted by consumers.

“Sustainability is right at the heart of my businesses and my everyday life, so I love to work with suppliers who share my passion and commitment in this regard – Leeuwin Coast is invariably that supplier,” she said.

“Akoya are a unique delicacy and I love that they are both beautiful and delicious, a natural treasure that grows native to Western Australia.

“Akoya has an ocean fresh ,exquisite taste like no other shellfish – I would describe it as having a flavour reminiscent of clams, with the brininess and minerality of an oyster ,and an underlying sweetness of a scallop.

“This nomination for Leeuwin Coast to enter into the From the Sea category was a no-brainer for me.”

Sustainably grown and certified Carbon Neutral by Climate Active, the Akoya require no feeding once in the water and the Leeuwin Coast team are constantly looking for ways to be more sustainable throughout their operations.

National Judges will now gather to taste samples from each National Finalist and evaluate each finalist’s food production ethos and practices. 

Winners will be announced in the September issue of delicious., on sale nationally on Thursday, 24 August 2023.